Truck Batteries Delivered & Fitted

Has your truck battery failed? Truck won't start and you're on a schedule? No problem. Wide Bay Batteries mobile truck replacement battery service can come to you anywhere from Hervey Bay, Maryborough to Gympie 7 days. Simply call on 0406 653 956 to get a quote or get your batteries now!

At some stage we all have the experience of getting in your vehicle and it fails to start - your battery has died! The dreaded clicking sound or dim lights are often associated with this. It always seems to occur when you really need to be somewhere urgently, thankfully all Wide Bay Batteries service vehicles carry a range of truck replacement batteries which we can deliver and/or install throughout Maryborough QLD, Hervey Bay QLD and Gympie QLD day or night 7 days.

Just Some Of The Trucks We Service

Why Wide Bay Batteries For Your Truck?

Wide Bay Batteries is a premium distributor of the SSB truck and tractor maintenance free commercial battery range. The SSB truck and tractor range surpasses the alternatives in cold cranking amps, amp hours and reserve capacity, making them Australia's best truck battery with an industry beating 2 year commercial warranty.

  • Great Service & Great Value
  • High Power, Durable & Competitively Priced Batteries
  • Up To 3 Years Warranty
  • Maintenance Free Batteries
  • Professional, On-Demand Service
  • No Membership Or Annual Fees

Not only do we supply truck batteries for the above manufacturers and more, we also can provide emergency fuel and jump starts anywhere in the Wide Bay region 7 days.

We are local and come to you quickly. Our mobile service is designed to get you out of trouble fast. Our dedicated service might sound premium, we don't disagree, however the price will surprise you!