Marine Batteries Delivered In Wide Bay

Ready for a great day on the water but just discovered that your jet ski or boat's battery is flat? Not to worry, Wide Bay Batteries has you covered throughout the Wide Bay region.

Wide Bay Batteries carries a range of marine batteries for all sizes of boats and types, whether you need batteries for your jet ski, sail boat or power boat, we can quickly supply and/or fit the battery to suit you. Our replacement battery service covers the Wide Bay region 7 days, from Hervey Bay to Maryborough down to Gympie. We don't just deliver to your home, we can even meet you at the boat ramp, why let a battery spoil your planned trip! Call 0406 653 956 now.

Marine Batteries We Can Deliver

  • Marine Starting
  • Marine Dual Purpose
  • Marine Cycling
  • Jet Ski Batteries
  • Deep Cycle

Benefits Of Our Batteries

SSB marine starting batteries have been engineered to not only provide huge power bursts for starting, they also pair enough amp hours to keep a moderate amount of accessories running without your engine running. The highly advanced cast calcium-calcium battery can withstand pounding seas, start your boats engine, run accessories and be completely maintenance free!

  • Maintenance Free
  • High Performance
  • Higher Cranking Capacity
  • Higher Amp Hour
  • Die Cast Grid Calcium-Calcium
  • Rival Any High Performance Brand Marine Battery
  • Twin Marine Terminal or Standard SAE Terminal (Battery Dependant)
  • 2 Year Warranty Private Use

SSB marine deep-cycle batteries are manufactured with extra thick plates to provide superior amp hours and exceptional deep cycling without risking your battery's longevity and performance. Despite being a deep cycle battery, the advanced technology enables these batteries to provide impressive cranking ability with no cost to the batteries amp hour capacity. If you're looking for a durable, high performance, dual purpose battery then the SSB deep cycle marine is the perfect choice!


Wide Bay Batteries supply SSB marine batteries, built upon the strong reputation of their motor-sport and 4x4/camping batteries, their marine batteries are simply exceptional value and built to last!