Everything You Need To Know About Auto Batteries

Yes, we carry common ride-on mower batteries, all others we can supply within 24 hours.

We carry a range of deep cycle and dual purpose batteries specifically suited to caravans, camper vans, camping and other recreational applications.

No, we provide on-demand battery replacement. No membership or annual fees! Our competitive pricing will save you compared to motoring clubs!

We can get to most locations in Wide Bay in around 40 minutes dependant on weather and traffic conditions.

CCA means cold cranking amps, the higher the CCA rating, the more powerful the battery is.

These batteries are compatible with stop/start technology equipped vehicles, these vehicles require this battery type to work efficiently. Stop/start technology batteries can work in non stop/start vehicles however standard vehicle batteries would fail quickly in a stop/start vehicle.

The short answer is: a battery is a portable power supply, it produces the power by means of chemical reaction. It's purpose in an automotive application is to provide starting power and accessory power, it may at times also be used by your vehicle to stabilise electrical system load from the alternator.