best price batteries

Cheap Batteries Delivered

Wide Bay Batteries stock and deliver to you high performance batteries at incredible prices, we even guarantee our cheap prices by beating any comparable battery by way of specifications by 5%. What that means is if you can't find the same battery type with equal or better cold cranking amps, reserve current, amp hours and warranty at a battery price delivered to you, we will beat it by 5%.

We are so confident in our batteries' superior quality, our competitive prices and delivery service we challenge you to find better and be rewarded 5% discount on your discovery!

What Do I Need To Do?

Find a battery better than ours of the same type?

  • Better Price
  • Better Cold Cranking Amps
  • Better Reserve Current
  • Better Amp Hours
  • Better Warranty
  • Delivered To You - Better Service? Impossible!

What Do I Get?

Fulfil the above mentioned and we will not just price match, we will beat your battery by 5%. Take the challenge of our best quality and best price guarantee battery service in Maryborough, Hervey Bay or Gympie. Remember we work 6am to 11pm 7 days for all battery replacement and road assistance.

Need a cheap premium performance battery? Think Wide Bay Batteries.